Friday, August 16, 2013

Shabbat Menu

Deep Breaths. It's our THIRD Shabbat in our new home, and we're nowhere near unpacked, but the kitchen is functioning!

So we're having a quiet family Shabbat this week, which I hope is good for all of us. Tensions have been running a bit high around here and the kids need to re-set a bit. Also our 8 yr old daughter is running a fever, so eating out or having guests is completely not an option. It's so sad when kids are sick.

Here's my easy menu - the goal is not to cook on the stovetop if it's not 100% necessary! I have no idea how much gas is left in my gas balloons! Watch - it will be just my luck to discover they are empty on erev Chag or something!

Roast chicken
Butternut squash
Roasted veggies - whatever we have (I think it'll be onion, garlic, summer squash, and red peppers. Maybe some carrots)
Make your own salad
Melon and grapes for dessert

Seudah 3 will be sandwiches and cut veggies. Maybe some hard boiled eggs?

How are you handling this late summer heat? Is it driving you out of the kitchen as well?

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