Friday, July 5, 2013

Shabbat Menu

It's time to post a Shabbat menu and time to start cooking it too!

Here's what we're having (trying to get everything into the oven at the same time, too) - same stuff for Friday night and Shabbat lunch!

Challot (I bought this week - can you believe it? It's just very very busy here right now, and made sense)
Roast chicken (rubbed with spices, and with lots of onion)
Apple crisp
Roast kishuim (summer squash) 
Eggplant in tomato sauce
Noodles with lentils
Cornbread (yes, I have a vegan version)

Melon (we have two kinds) and grapes for dessert

For seudah shlishit (we've been feeling like we need a more substantial one lately):

Challah with spreads - chumus, peanut butter, cream cheese, egg salad for the egg eaters. There is only so long I can make my family go without eggs because I think one of us may be allergic to it...
Pasta (not sure how I'm preparing it)
Cut veggies

What are you making for Shabbat?


  1. I made chicken and roast potatoes and carrots, liver with onions and mushrooms, shnitzels and mincemeat and leak croquettes. Making mashed potatoes to go with the liver and will probably end up making rice too because one child likes it and will be sad. I bought challah and will probably continue to do so throughout the summer vacation. Will make choc chip cookies too and we have melon, plums and grapes

    1. Sounds like a feast! I guess you found chicken somewhere for less than your Mega was charging?

  2. How about normal "pizza" pasta - sauce and cheese?


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