Sunday, March 10, 2013

Menu for the week

My goal for this week is to shop for things I need for Pesach, and perhaps fill in a few fruits and veggies we're low on, and USE what is in the house!

Here's my supper plan for the week:

(Lunches will either be sandwiches or leftovers from previous meals - I'll be baking fresh bread Monday, I hope, since I still have flour hanging around!)

Sunday night: Spinach pancakes, Whole Wheat Spiral Pasta with tomato sauce and shredded cheese
Monday night: Shabbat Leftovers
Tuesday night: Tomato soup with rice, Red lentil sloppy sams on rolls, kohlrabi, carrot, and celery sticks
Wednesday night: Red lentil soup. Pizza, Salad with whatever veggies we have
Thursday night: Some sort of stew, Twice baked potatoes, and whatever veggies are left!

Shabbat this week is coming out of the freezer, except for a black bean cholent, and maybe a breakfast cake...

Here's to a successful Pesach-preparation week, both learning-wise and cleaning-wise. And even shopping-wise. I must start crossing items off my list!

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