Sunday, January 20, 2013

Election Day Deals

There are a bunch of election day deals out there.

Yesterday I posted about free coffee at Ilan's, and a discount at Shemo.

I found a few other discounts worth sharing, and I'm sure you'll find plenty of others that are only being advertised in your local area. Some establishments require proof that you voted - most say a picture of you at the voting station (on your phone) will do.

Gali has BOGO offers- Buy one, Get one Free for election day! You'll find this deal on Children's and Women's boots, and sneakers for the whole family, from the Winter 2013 collection. (Hush Puppies and Saucony are not included in this sale)

TNT is offering Buy one, Get one free, on clothing, beginning election day. Offer not valid on New Arrivals.

Honigman is offering 50% off clothing for election day. (excludes New Arrivals)

Honigman Kids is offering Buy one, Get one Free, for election day. (excludes New Arrivals)

Avis has a special for one day car rentals, for election day.

Merkaz Canada in Metulla is offering discounted admission for election day.

Leonardo Club Hotel in Teverya is offering 15% off room rates, plus 50% off spa treatments, and more

Ceasar Premier Hotels in Jerusalem, Eilat, and Teverya is offering an 18% discount to those who vote. Valid for reservations between Jan 22-24

Customers of Tifuach V'Yofi (Or-tal Eliav) in Ramat Yishai, who vote, will receive a gift of hand cream with the purchase of a beauty treatment

Machon Claudia in Karmiel is offering 30% off pedicures and select fingernail treatments

Ofan B'Teva, Moshav Ben-Ami, in the Western Galilee, is offering discounted bike rentals. Contact David  054-4441587, 04-9824339

Cycles Bike Shop in Hadera has special discount offers on Election Day. 04-621-1400

Devorat HaTavor is offering 30% off admission and tours on Election Day.

HomeStyle Stores are offering a variety of discounts, from 30% - 50% off, this week. In addition, on election day, every purchase over 200 shekels will receive a free gift.

Grand Beach Hotels (Tel Aviv and Jerusalem) is offering 10% off hotel stays, offer valid thru Feb 28

Cinema City (Rishon LeTzion, Gelilot, Ra'anana) is offering discounted snacks for those who vote

Science Park at The Weizmann Institute in Rechovot is offering 50% off admission for those who show they voted.

Park HaKerach in Eilat - 50% off ice skating!

Botanical Gardens in Eilat - FREE on election day

Ricochet is giving a 30% discount on their winter collection.

Budget is offering 30% off rental cars, and 1000 shekel off the purchase of a used car

Eden Teva Market - with proof that you voted, 5% off your entire purchase on Election Day!

Ben & Jerry's - free cone for voters - at  Cinema City Rishon LeTzion and Glilot, at Be'er Tuvia, and Yavneh

Max Brenner Chocolates - 20% off

I'm sure there are many more... Please share the deals you've found in the comments below!


  1. I don't understand what proof that you voted you can bring? Some of these offers - such as the Gali one has been running for a while now and will probably continue afterwards... so probably no need to rush out and spend money if you don't need the things on sale.

    1. Never a good idea to buy things you don't need just because they're on sale!

      As far as proof, some places just want you to tell them you voted, some want a picture of you at your polling station (not in the voting booth).

  2. MarSea Modest can offer 10% off all cotton stretchwear (Pencil Skirts, Lacey Shells, Lacey Leggings, Lacey Vests & Body Suits)on voting day. - Modest Swim & Gymwear and Cotton Stretchwear

    1. Thanks Marci! Is there a coupon code people need to use?


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