Monday, March 21, 2011

Purim is over... Pesach is coming

Will you join in my  pantry challenge?
Take some time to go through your fridge, freezer, and pantry. List what you have, and let's try to use it up!
I think tonight we're finishing off the Shabbat leftovers, but after that we're up for a major pantry challenge!

Here's a partial list of things I've found:
olive oil
a few pkgs of pasta
whole wheat couscous
garbanzo beans
black beans
white beans - not sure what kind they are
green lentils
frozen phyllo dough
frozen bourekas
assorted frozen leftovers
frozen peas
frozen green beans
corn meal
oat bran
sesame seeds
sesame butter
soynut butter
peanut butter
various fruit spreads
date honey

So I'm going to try hard to use up my the stuff in the house. This is a great opportunity to make sure things get used up before they're out of date, and minimize the shopping in the weeks prior to pesach so that the pesach shopping bill doesn't feel so insane! (save money now, spend it later....)
Who's in?

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