Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shabbat Parashat Ki Tisa Feb. 18-19

Wow! Twice in one month I am not really cooking for Shabbat! Unbelievable. This is unheard of...

I offered to help our hosts out, and was asked to bring a vegetarian main dish for Friday night, since they did not know what to do, and my favorite 12 yr old is a vegetarian, and I eat vegetarian when there is no humanely-raised chicken (and I cannot impose that upon my hosts).

Here's what I made:

Vegetarian Lo-mein - first I cooked and drained noodles. Chopped up some of that frozen broccoli and steamed it. I sauteed diced tofu, julienned carrots, diced red peppers, shredded purple cabbage, and sliced green onions. Added to that a mixture of tamari, ginger, honey, garlic, and apricot jam. Mixed it all together and I was ready to eat it! (But I exercised restraint and wrapped it up and it's in the fridge...) Now I just have to make sure to deliver it to our Friday night hosts enough time before Shabbat so it can be served warm!

I think I'll bake a cake or cookies so we have some sort of Shabbat treat around the house.

I'm looking forward to not having a pile of dishes to wash tomorrow or after Shabbat!
Which do you like more - hosting guests, or being the guest?

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