Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pantry Challenge, Anyone?

Does anybody out there want to do a pantry challenge?
We can share our ideas about how to use up our stockpiles of staples (bought on sale, obviously!) and food in our freezers!
You can comment on this post or visit the Kosher Frugal Menus page on Facebook, and post a list of things you want to use up. Let's all brainstorm meal ideas using the foods we have on hand!

Here's a partial list of foods I have on hand:

split peas
black beans
white beans
chick peas
whole wheat flour
rye flour
oat bran
sesame seeds
corn meal
whole wheat ptitim (the large "Israeli couscous" as they call it in the U.S.)
whole wheat couscous (the morrocan kind)
green lentils
spiral pasta
shkidei marak (soup nuts)
tomato paste
peanut butter
date honey (no sugar added)
blueberry fruit spread - 100% fruit
olive oil
sunflower oil
chocolate chips
pureed butternut squash (freezer)
broccoli florets
random frozen vegetable leftovers
an assortment of frozen soups/soup stock
frozen corn
frozen peas
frozen green beans
frozen phyllo dough
frozen cheese bourekas
frozen chicken
assorted frozen shabbat leftovers

a few cans of tuna (for my hubby, I don't eat tuna)

I also have some cheese in the fridge, 1 package of tofu, yogurt, and cream cheese.
Fresh produce in the house right now:
4 potatoes
carrots (lots)
pomelit - lots

I'm sure there's more! Looks like I should really be using up some of this stuff before Pesach!
What about you?


  1. The obvious that jumps out from your pantry is bean soup or split pea soup. Both of which I love!
    You can use the frozen pureed squash to make muffins or a pie - you have enough flour to make a pie crust.
    You can make brocolli alfredo pasta, which requires you adding broccoli florets to the pasta for the last few minutes of cooking, reserving about a cup of the water when you drain the pasta and then melting a little butter in a pan (about 2 tbsp), add the reserved water (just 1/2 cup at first) and then adding some cheese - you can use parm or any kind of shredded cheese. Add a little more water if you need to, but then toss the pasta & broccoli with it. Season with salt, pepper, garlic. It's YUM! And I love that the broccoli doesn't get over cooked, it stays green and crunchy.
    For dessert, banana bread with chocolate chips...

  2. I'll be trying that broccoli alfredo pasta recipe! Sounds good and easy.

    I love split pea soup! But how do you make your bean soup? I have yet to find one I love... I used to make a soup with chick peas that I really like but my hubby is not a fan...

    Other things I plan to make: corn soup, breakfast bread with oat bran, flaxseeds and date honey, homemade granola (just found a package of shredded coconut)- I love granola with dark chocolate chunks - I brought them with me from Whole Foods - for when I have a late night chocolate craving...

  3. Thanks for the reminder! We have a small family, so it's really hard to get through the staples in the month between Purim and Pesach. This will remind me to start early. Tomorrow night I'm dragging out the crockpot....


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