Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday Night

I usually cut myself a little slack on Thursday night; I know that I will either be up late cooking for Shabbat or frantically cooking the whole next day (trying to end that bad habit!). We used to order pizza, until we started noticing just how expensive that really was... so in the States we switched over to pre-made pizza crusts, that we topped ourselves. Always yum!

Here, I haven't found premade pizza crusts. So we have a few options:
1) make our own pizza dough (too time consuming for a Thursday, in my opinion).
2) use pizza crust that we made previously and froze (an ambition of mine).
3) use pitot or other flatbread instead of crust.
4) buy french bread or bagels or random other breads and make "french bread pizza" or pizza bagels.
5) buy premade pizzas in the frozen food section of the supermarket (Yesh sells 3-packs for 33.80NIS), and add our own toppings.

So, the menu for Thursday Supper is:

Leftover Minestrone Soup (for those who want it)
A Variation on Pizza

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