Sunday, May 5, 2024

International Museum Day - FREE Museum Admission!

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Don't miss this! International Museum Day is here - Get FREE admission on May 9, 2024 to the museum of your choice: Choose from the list of participating museums below!

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NOTE: Some of the museums require advance registration.
Be sure to visit the ICOM site and register to avoid disappointment.

Participating Museums:


Beit HaGedudim

Man and The Living World Museum

Fetter Museum of Art and Nanoscience at The Institute for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials

Liebling Haus - White City Centre

Rishon Lezion City Art Gallery

Museum of the Sea at Palmachim

The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History

Gallery 10 at Beit Michal

Edmond de Rothschild Centre

Rishon Lezion Museum

Botanical Gardens at Kfar Monash

Holon History Museum and Archive

Lechi Museum

Tel Aviv City Museum

Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art

Ramle Museum

Weizmann Museum

Netanya History Museum

Ilana Gur Museum

Petah Tikvah Museum of Art

Bank of Israel Visitors Center

Ramat HaSharon Geological Museum

The Religious Zionism Center

Mazkeret Batya Settlement Museum

Josef Bau Museum

The Land of Israel Museum

The Shenker Israeli Design Center

Petach Tikvah Pioneers Museum

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Rechovot City Art Gallery

Bat Yam Museums

Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art

Agam Museum

Rubin House Museum

Etzel 1948 Museum

Rechovot Miniatures Museum

Museum of Babylonian Jewry

Israeli Comics Museum

Puppetry Arts Museum

Jewish Sports Museum

Anu Museum of the Jewish People

Museum of Man and the Environment

Yad L'Banim Rechovot

Kfar Sava Museum

Hagana Museum

Nachum Guttman Art Museum

Yitzchak Rabin Center 

Bialik Center

The Lod Mosaic Archaeological Center

The Azor Archaeology Museum

Beit Theresienstadt

Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center

Jerusalem Area

Heichal Shlomo

Old Yishuv Court Museum

Museum on the Seam

The Bloomfield Jerusalem Museum of Science

The Museum of Islamic Art

The Moshe Castel Museum of Art

Tower of David Museum

Museum of Italian Jewry

The Hebron Visitors Center "Touching eternity"

Hasmonean Heritage Museum

Yad VaShem

The President's Hut

Museum of The Underground Prisoners Jerusalem

Jerusalem Nature Museum

Karaite Heritage Center

The Bible Lands Museum

The Israel Museum


Ben Gurion's Hut

The Photo House

Museum of Bedouin Culture

The Negev Museum of Art and The Museum of Islamic and Near Eastern Cultures

Museum of Philistine Culture

Eilat Art Gallery


The Mizgaga Museum


Ein Dor Museum

Khan Museum of Hadera

Sturman Museum

The Emek Museum

Mishkan Museum of Art

Wilifred Museum

Knights' Halls, Old Akko

Uri & Rami Nehoshtan Museum

Ghetto Fighters' House Lohamei HaGeta'ot

Haifa Museum of Art

Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art

National Maritime Museum

Haifa City Museum

Hermann Struck Museum

Dubrovin Farm

Bet She'an Museum

ORRYTA Gallery

Circassian Museum

ICA Museum Farmers Courtyards Kfar Tavor

Regba Aqueduct

Museum of Yarmukian Culture

Hecht Museum

First Aliyah Museum

Fisher House Kiryat Ata City Museum

Zinati House - Pekiin Jewish Heritage

Museum of The Underground Prisoners Akko

Janco-Dada Museum, Ein Hod

Naharayim at Gesher

The Train Museum (Haifa)

Beit Yemei Binyamina

Umm al-Fahm Art Gallery

Chana Senesh (Anna Szenes) House

Looking for something else to do? Check out these workshops, tours, and more!

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