Monday, April 24, 2023

Best Shopping Find of the Month?

You all know that I'm a price sensitive shopper.

 And I'm definitely not opposed to stocking up if I find a great price on something we'll use.

You might feel the same, right?

So I thought I'd share what may be the best find of my month so far:

Yes, you read that right!

8 bottles of Carmel Selected Moscato wine (full-size bottles!) for just under 100 NIS! That includes the deposit (pikadon). Usually, we see this priced much higher - about 4/100 NIS.

This sale seems to have been available for a limited time on Rami Levy Online. I  guess I lucked out and was on their website when it went live, noticed it, and added them to my grocery order. It's since gone back up to about 25/bottle, but I wonder if they'll drop the price again soon!

And I checked the receipt when my order arrived, and I was, indeed, charged only 12.40 per bottle. So now we're good for our kiddush wine for a while! Maybe I should have ordered 12? I don't know - I didn't want to press my luck, so I went for 8.

I find that I can keep my grocery bill lower by placing an online order about once a month, and buying most of my fresh fruits and vegetables and other perishables at other stores I can easily get to. So it's very likely that had I not found this wine sale, I may have opted out of placing an online order this week and just waited until another time when I found a compelling sale.

Have you found any great deals?

What's your take on online shopping?

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