Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Shop the sales! (Grocery savings)

 For Israeli families, grocery bills represent a large percentage of their monthly spending.

And since food prices are typically on the rise, I thought I'd start sharing grocery deals again when I find them! 

So today, I was shopping at Rami Levy online.

And here's the thing - chicken was suddenly marked down! Yes, I had started to look yesterday, but suddenly today the prices went down. Maybe this happens more often than I realized?

I don't know, but either way, here are the chicken deals I found there today:

That is:

Chicken Wings: 5 NIS/kg

Chicken Thighs and Drumsticks: 14.90 NIS/kg

Chicken Thighs: 19.90 NIS/kg

Chicken Breast: 22.90 NIS/kg

Clearly I bought the first two - they limit you to 3 kg per item, so I ordered 3kg of wings and 3 kg of thighs + drumsticks.

There were also some decent prices for produce - so we picked up potatoes, onions, and purple cabbage for 1.90 NIS/kg, tomatoes and cucumbers for 2.90 NIS/kg, and a bag of avocadoes for 4.90 NIS/kg (but since I ordered that price seems to have jumped back up to over 15 NIS/kg). It's definitely worth checking for sales on Mondays and Tuesdays at Rami Levy online.

Happy savings! Let me know what you've found!

P.S. Some credit card "clubs" let you purchase Rami Levy gift cards for lower than face value. Check if yours does too, and save extra on your groceries!

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