Monday, June 27, 2022

Today's discussion: BUGS that come inside!

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Some people have been asking about ways to keep bugs out of their houses without an exterminator! It's one of those facts of life in Israel and other hot climates - bugs come indoors. 

So here are my favorite tips: 

USE Cockroach gel! (Apply following the instructions on the package and it's safe and effective)

You can buy cockroach gel in really small tubes in most stores that sell garden supplies and hardware stores (I've also seen them at places like Maxstock). OR you can buy a 4-pack of larger tubes for about the same price!

Here's one I found on Amazon: Invict gold cockroach gel 

I also think it's a good idea to put out Glue traps. This will let you know at a glance if you need to be more agressive with your insecticides since often the bugs that come into our house are most active when we're sleeping.

I've found some glue traps sold locally but I like this 10-pack I found on Amazon for less than $2 a trap: Glue traps for insects

For ants, I find that Terro often helps, but it's not sold in Israel, as far as I know. Click here to see Terro Ant bait

If you have a serious ant problem, you can also buy ant gel. This 6-pack sold is a particularly good deal: Raid Ant gel 

Sometimes nothing beats old-fashioned solutions - don't forget that fly paper can really help: 20-pack of sticky fly paper

Amazon's prices change frequently but they're really great about letting you know if an item in your cart has changed price - so if you found one and deliberated about it, you'll know if something changed when you decide to complete your purchase. I hope you find the right mix to keep your home more comfortable without a contract with an exterminator! 

Just remember - you can avoid VAT and other import fees by staying below the $75 tax threshold for any single order! If you do go over, as you will if you're buying a computer, you will see exactly what you'll pay in taxes at checkout. I only do this if I'm actually buying a product that costs more than $75. And I don't add any other small things to these orders, because once you're over, you're over and you'll pay fees on the entire order.

For smaller purchases, I place separate orders that each total under $75.

If you're in the USA and buying a gift for someone in Israel, please follow those guidelines, too - or be prepared to prepay all taxes and fees. You'll see them before you checkout, so don't worry about surprises. You will need to enter the recipient's ID number at checkout too, so the package can clear customs.

Hope you found this helpful! If yes, be sure to find me on Facebook and join my shopping groups (here and here)!

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