Wednesday, January 12, 2022

New iherb sales, including 20-40% off select products!

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עברית למטה

iHerb is doing something. It's big. It involves discounts. Lots of them. 

Right now, if you've never ordered from iHerb before, you can get 22% OFF your first order! Just use the link below (if your discount doesn't load automatically, be sure to load codes QEJ101 and 22NEW into your cart, one at a time). Click here to load the codes automatically!

This new customer promo is good now through Jan 31, 2022 at 10:00 AM PT.

If you're not a new customer, you can still get some great sales and "make your own sale" when you enter code QEJ101 at checkout! Here's what's on sale this week:

Minimum 20% off these brands:

NOW Foods

Natural Factors

Garden of Life

Childlife Clinicals



Many of the products in these categories are certified kosher, but not all. I recommend checking each product and buying according to your own standards.

Don't forget these important, basic principles of shopping online from Israel:

  • Keep your order under $75 to avoid paying VAT!!
  • Spread out your orders. If you want to buy more than $75 worth of items from one website, and you have the option of splitting your order - DO IT. BUT don't order more than $75 worth on any given day to the same shipping name/address/ID. If you do, customs may combine your orders and charge you. Give it about 3 days between orders. Best to ship to a different name using a different ID for customs, so you can order it all on the same day.
  • Always look for the free shipping option - usually it's to a pickup spot.

I was so excited when my order came to $74.98 after the discount was applied, and with free delivery! Talk about maximizing savings while avoiding import taxes! I hope you're just as successful!

Enjoy and happy saving! Click here to shop at iHerb!

יש לכם הזדנמות עכשיו לקבל הנחה על כל האתר של אייהרב! התחילו את הקנייה עם הקישור למטה, שמקודד להעלות לסל שלכם 2 קודים שיתנו לכם ההנחה המקסימלית!

תקבלו 22% הנחה בקנייה הראשונה - רק עבור לקוחות חדשים
עד ל 31.01.2022

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