Monday, January 10, 2022

Great deals on everyday items. And some not so everyday items.

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I'm back with some deals to share! This time, I'm posting everyday items... It's always a good idea to grab a deal when you see one! Friends don't let friends  pay full price 😂!

Here are some great discounts you can buy right now: 

Starbucks whole bean coffee - 1 bag for 49.90, 2 for 94.90, or 3 for 139.90, delivery to a pick up spot is 15 NIS (to your door is 29 NIS). I can't believe this one!

Finish brand dishwasher detergent, 3 bottles for under 100 NIS (free delivery to a convenient pick up spot)

At-home antigen tests, pack of 20 for 269 NIS or pack of 40 for 529 NIS (split it with your neighbors!). Delivery to a pick up spot is 10 NIS. Delivery to your door is 19 NIS

Sanitizing wipes, pack of 18, for about 100 NIS (free delivery to a pick up spot. But be warned, this box is HEAVY. Speaking from experience.)

Dettol brand sanitizing wipes, pack of 16, for 110 NIS (with free delivery to a pick up spot)

Electric heating sheet (blanket?), for 159 NIS, with free delivery to your home.

Chocolate Gift Box - Milka & Oreo Box, for 129.90 NIS. Free delivery to most of the country (not including Eilat and the Arava region)

5 liters of "Alon" Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Mehadrin), for 189 NIS, with free delivery between Metulla and Ashdod

Ice Cream Delivery, for 209-239 NIS (there's an "all Ben & Jerry's option!)! Delivery in the greater Tel Aviv area (check the deal for details)

Wissotzky tea gift box, for 100 NIS, plus 19 NIS delivery fee (to a nearby pick up spot). Or pick up in Yavniel.

100 Coffee capsules (for a Lavazza machine) for 85 NIS, with free delivery.

These deals are often limited, so guarantees they'll last - grab them while you can!

If you are in the USA and buying a gift for someone in Israel, please be aware that GROO allows you to pay using PayPal! However, you do have to open an account with them and that seems to require an Israeli ID number. If you've managed using a passport or other ID number, please let me know! 

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