Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Amazon just made things A LOT BETTER!

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Sometime between when I went to sleep last night and when I woke up this morning, Amazon lowered their FREE SHIPPING to Israel threshold to $49 orders (for qualifying items)! I mean, seriously - I checked Amazon last night and it still said $65 minimum for free shipping, and this morning it had changed! This is REALLY awesome news for all of us Amazon addicts in Israel (and our family and friends abroad who want to send us fun gifts ;-) )!!

So I get the feeling some people will go back to buying things like disposable household items (and I admit I sometimes buy deodorant from Amazon), but also now we have easier access to all sorts of items that are just not available or are SO much more expensive in Israel (think, cast iron! Corelle! Crayola!).

Some people ask me what I've bought on Amazon now that FREE shipping is back. So I debated, do I tell the world what I've bought? Or do I keep it to myself? At first, I thought it's a bit weird to share exactly what I purchased, and I wasn't so inclined to share. But I changed my mind.

And I'll share.

Here are some sample carts, that (when I ordered) came to slightly less than $75 and shipped for FREE*:

(Prices are subject to change. The price you see is the current price, and may not be the price I paid. I may have paid more, or I may have paid less. Item participation in the FREE shipping deal is also subject to change. Being listed here does not guarantee that an item currently ships for free.)

Sample Cart #1

Almay Sensitive Skin Deodorant (several)

Set of 3 stainless steel baking pans (bought 2 sets)

Books (several!!)

Unbleached Coffee Filters

Sample Cart #2

Tom's of Maine Toothpaste (multipack)

Pyrex 3-pack measuring cups

Blister Prevention Tape (several rolls - this stuff is amazing - sometimes it participates in free shipping, sometimes it doesn't)

Multi-colored Cotton Dinner Napkins

Sample Cart #3:


Scar Gel

*FREE Shipping is available on qualifying items and orders must total $49 or more. To steer clear of taxes, don't go over $74.99! To find qualifying items, choose the "Eligible for FREE Amazon Shipping" filter when you sort your search results.

What are your favorite finds? I'd love to hear! 

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