Monday, October 4, 2021

Amazon Free Shipping - Sample Shopping Carts

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Some people ask me what I've bought on Amazon now that FREE shipping is back. So I debated, do I tell the world what I've bought? Or do I keep it to myself? At first, I thought it's a bit weird to share exactly what I purchased, and I wasn't so inclined to share. But I changed my mind.

And I'll share.

Here are some sample carts, that (when I ordered) came to slightly less than $75 and shipped for FREE*:

(Prices are subject to change. The price you see is the current price, and may not be the price I paid. I may have paid more, or I may have paid less.)

Sample Cart #1

Almay Sensitive Skin Deodorant (several)

Set of 3 stainless steel baking pans (bought 2 sets)

Books (several!!)

Unbleached Coffee Filters

Sample Cart #2

Tom's of Maine Toothpaste (multipack)

Pyrex 3-pack measuring cups

Blister Prevention Tape (several rolls - this stuff is amazing)

Multi-colored Cotton Dinner Napkins

Sample Cart #3:


Scar Gel

*FREE Shipping is available on qualifying items and orders must total $65 or more. To steer clear of taxes, don't go over $74.99! To find qualifying items, choose the "Eligible for FREE Amazon Shipping" filter when you sort your search results.

What are your favorite finds? I'd love to hear! 

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