Sunday, August 29, 2021

Random Awesome Finds - FREE Shipping from Amazon!

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Most people I know get a little overwhelmed shopping, especially on a huge site like Amazon.

So here's a list of some of the random awesome finds I've identified, for people who may not realize the extent of what you might find on Amazon for a fraction of the cost locally, and with FREE shipping!

Pyrex Set of 3 Measuring Cups for $17.99

Tell me what you're looking for and I'll see if I can find it for you! :-)

Trying to get an order shipped free from Amazon can be tough. You have to hit that MAGIC sweet spot between $65 and $75 dollars to get FREE Shipping and ZERO taxes.

Here are some "Cart Filler" recommendations. These are cheap items that qualify for free shipping if you're placing a large enough order, and will help you get to the $65 minimum, hopefully without going over the $75 threshold. Prices were accurate at the time I posted this blog post, but they may change at any time, so always check carefully.

Crayola Crayons $0.87

Happy Rainbow Napkins $1.20

4-oz Tacky Glue for $1.27

Acrylic Paint for $0.87

Metallic Gold Paint for $1.97

Rainbow Ribbon for $1.97 

Sponge wand refill heads (20) -can also be used without the wand $1.99

Dinosaur Napkins $2.04

Construction Paper for $2.46

Crayola Washable Markers for $2.49

8-oz Acrylic Paint for $2.50

Gold Craft Ribbon for $2.97

10 Paint Brushes for $2.98

10 Chalkboard Sticker Paper Sheets for $2.98 

48 pc Plastic Sewing Needles for $2.99 

160 Colorful Wooden Buttons for $2.99

Cotton Crafting Cord $2.99

Silicone Spatula $3.00

Korean Flower Card Game for $3.00

50 Animal Stickers for $3.49

Craft Bond Glue for $3.69 

Necklace with heart and purple stone $3.79 

Stainless steel mug $3.80

Glass Flower Earrings $3.97 

Fake Nose Ring Set $3.99

Fandom Ring of Runes Necklace $3.99 

Hammered copper mug $3.99

Zinga Card Game for $3.99

Banapples Junior for $3.99

Keychain Maker Set for $3.99

Paint by Number Set for $3.99

Sticker book for $3.99 

Stainless Steel Carving Fork $3.99

More coming soon (I'll update this list as I find more!)

Hope this helps! If it helped you, don't forget to share!

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