Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Discount Entertainment!

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I love being able to bring you the best of Groupon's deals - some of these you definitely don't want to miss!

Sometimes, the best way to get from Point A to Point B is with a car - and that's why car rentals are awesome for people who don't own one! I'm really happy to tell you that Groupon has brought back the Budget Car Rental Discount - as low as 77nis per day! Some things to keep in mind: these vouchers must be used by March 22, 2018. You can buy up to 14 of them and use them consecutively to customize your rental period (use for rentals between 1 and 14 days at a time). Includes up to 99 km/day.  Additional kilometers will be charged extra. Pick up and return at the airport will incur additional fees. Pick up or drop off in Eilat will also incur additional fees. No refunds on unused Groupons if you have to end your rental contract early.

Click here for Restaurant Deals -- if you're going out, do it the smart way and buy a discount voucher first!

Planning a Day Out? Check out these deals (Vouchers vary from slight discounts to 50% off or more!):

Bowling - Chutzot Hamifratz (Haifa)
                 Be'er Sheva / Beit Shemesh / Herzliya / Kiryat Ono 
               Modiin / Netanya / Jerusalem / Ashkelon
                         Be'er Sheva (Big)

Virtual Reality Games - Ashkelon / Ramat Yishai / Eilat / Migdal Ha'Emek 

Laser Tag - Cinema City Glilot / Haifa

Escape Rooms -- Brainscape (Petach Tikvah) / Ex Room (SAW) (Tel Aviv) / Out of the Box (TA) / Paradox Escape Zone (Tel Aviv) / Jerusalem Treasure (Ramat Gan) / Security Breach (Petach Tikvah) / Stargate (Jerusalem) / The Black Pearl (Haifa) / The Imitator (Haifa) / Terror Cell (Kiryat Motzkin) / Escape Zone (Rishon) / The Da Vinci Secret (Rishon) / Baker Street (Rishon) / Rescue Team (child-friendly) (Rishon) / Escape Zone (Rechovot) / Houdini (Tel Aviv)

Get 10% off when you use code "Kosherfrugal" at the Maimonides Puzzle Room in Tiberias

Escapeland in Haifa - This is a maze game, in the dark. Be warned there is no light. Reservations required. Use the Groupon by the end of January.

Ice Skating - Maalot 

I'll add more deals to the Groupon Facebook group as I find them! See you there!

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