Thursday, May 18, 2017

Aliexpress Finds of the Week - Reusables instead of Disposables!

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In our quest to find good buys, we've all started looking at buying directly from China - after all, so many of the stores here in Israel (and other countries!) are resellers of Chinese products, and they naturally jack up the prices (to be fair, they need to raise the price somewhat in order to make a profit). In the interest of saving money, I like to plan ahead and pick up things on Aliexpress! So I just had to share some of the best things I stumbled across on Aliexpress this week!

I'm all about buying reusable items right now - trying to get rid of our dependence on disposables - and here are my picks this week:

Fabric table napkins are a great way to cut down on disposables. I prefer cotton ones over synthetics, because 1. I think they feel nicer 2. they are more environmentally-friendly. Here's a 12-pack of cotton napkins that is a lot more affordable than any I've seen locally (except for the 2nd hand shop)!

Fabric place mats -- same as above. I have a set of heavy cotton ones, but these I just found on Alie are so much more "wow!" - check out the weave and design - they have an amazing texture!

If you have a little one who loves those squeeze-pouch purees, consider making your own purees and filling up reusable pouches. These cute ones are a really great price and come with 2 openings for easy cleaning.

Do your kids love straws like mine do? Here are some stainless steel straws for less than 50 cents apiece! This set comes with 3 handy straw cleaners to help you keep them clean and sanitary. I think it's time to buy them, and stop buying disposable plastic ones!

What kinds of disposables do YOU want to replace with resusables? Leave me a note below!

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