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FREE Attractions and Activities for Sukkot!

Don't want to spend too much money this Sukkot? No one does!
Here are a number of free activities to choose from!
Take your pick, and let me know where you've been and how it was!!
(Please call ahead and verify this information, I cannot take responsibility for errors.) 

UPDATED Oct 18th to add the following information:

The Center for Research and Development of the Shomron and Jordan Valley
Kida Junction
Free Science Event on Thursday Oct 20, 10:30am - 4:30pm

Mizpe Ramon Science Center
Free Science Events on Thursday Oct 20, 10am-10pm
050-780-7598 or 050-749-8021  


Tree Festival ("Hadarim U'N'shirim")
Lehavot HaBashan 6, Tzomet HaGumah Rd
Oct 18-20 at noon.

Tzuk Manara
SOME free activities (many will be paid admission, call ahead for accurate info)
Kiryat Shmonah

Musical Hallel in Park Katzrin
Oct 18 
Ancient Katzrin

Eshkolot offers a whole list of free activities all over the country Oct 18-20
Meeting points include: Katzabiya parking lot, Rosh Pina's old cemetery, "Ha'Agam" Parking lot, Reichan Forest Reserve
For more information and to register, call 02-626-8727

Sunset Jazz Concerts beginning at 6pm Oct 18-20
Namal Ein Gev, "Mifgash HaDayagim"

Yekev Harei HaGalil
Circus-style Entertainment is FREE
(Winery tours require entry fee)
Kibbutz Yir'on

The Kineret Trail
Free Guided Trail Tours. Some activities have a fee.

Holiday at the Port
Oct 19 all night activities
Other activities Oct 16-24
At The Ein Gev Port

HaShomer HChadash Olive Festival
Oct 19-20, 9am-5pm
Advance Registration Required
Ein Kamonim Farm

Binyamina Festival for Israeli Art
(Concerts Require Admission Fee)
Many Free Events
Oct 19-20 10am-5pm

Olive Festival - Saba Chaviv
Kibbutz Parod
Oct 17-24, 11am-4pm

Nachal Kziv Shuttle and Guided Tour
Oct 17-22, 9am-4pm
Meeting Point: Maalot - the Koren Industrial Zone

Tastes of the Galilee
Food Festival
Oct 18-20, beginning at noon
Lake Montfort, Maalot-Tarshicha

Harvest Festival
(Concerts - Paid Admission, other activities are free)
Beit Shean
Oct 18-20

Free Concert at Park Katzrin
Oct 19, 9pm
Ancient Katzrin
must be 18+ yrs old

Chocolate Festival
Nazareth Illit
Oct 18-19
at "Mul Harim"

(Shows for Children)
Oct 18-20
Cinemall Haifa

Haifa Celebrates
Street Events and Museum Events throughout Haifa

MisChag Street Festival
Kfar Tavor
Oct 18-19, 4pm-9pm

Leket Israel
Pick Vegetables for Leket in Moshav Nahalal!
Oct 18, 10-2
Advance registration required

Paprika Festival
(some activities are free, some have a fee)
Oct 15-24, 10-4
Derech HaTavlinim
Beit Lechem HaGlilit

Olive Oil Tour and Tasting
(some activities free)
Olive Press at Beit Lechem HaGlilit

"Decoding the Mystery of the Kingdom"
Free Puzzle Game/Outdoor Event
Ramat HaNadiv
Oct 19-20, 11am-4pm

Fruit Picking and Juicing
Moshav Adirim
Oct 18-20, 9am-noon
Advance Registration Required

Art Festival
Oct 21-22
Afula, at the new shuk

Art Festival
Oct 19-20
Afula, Sderot Arlozorov

First Aliyah Museum
Free Admission Oct 18-20, 9am-5pm
Oct 21 9am-2pm


Oct 18-19, 10am-10pm
Hangar 11
Namal Tel Aviv

Ashdod Port Events
Oct 18-20, 8:30-4

"Our Driver"
Egged Museum
Oct 18-21, 8:30-12:30

"We Found Water, We Made Wine"
Oct 18-20, 10-2
The Well, at The Rothschild Museum
Rishon L'Tzion

"All in the Family"
Shoham, Gan HaChevel
Oct 19-20

Mobile Escape Rooms
Oct 18-20
Kanyon Renanim

Yemenite Festival
Oct 18-20, 4-11pm

The World of Peter Pan
Oshiland, Kfar Sava

Eshkolot offers a whole list of free activities all over the country Oct 18-20. Meeting points include: the Gas Station at the entrance to Ariel
For more information and to register, call 02-626-8727

Jerusalem Area:

Bible Marathon
Oct 21, 8-noon

Yafo Winery
Free Guided Tours
Neve Michael
0544523201 (advance registration required)

Planet in Jerusalem
Free Origami, Concert, and more
Oct 18-24
Yes! Planet

Presidential Sukkah
President Ruvi Rivlin and family are opening their Sukkah for a public reception
Oct 19, 10-4
the Garden at the President's Home
(No bags or guns allowed; Come with TZ or passport ONLY)

at the Israel Museum
Free admission for Children
Oct 17-25

Treasure Hunt!
Oct 18-20, 10-2
Kfar Etzion

Eshkolot offers a whole list of free activities all over the country Oct 18-20
Meeting points include: Ir David, Tzomet Shoresh, Tzomet Ha'Elah
For more information and to register, call 02-626-8727

Kikar Safra Municipal Visitor's Center
Free Guided Tours
Oct 19, at 11am - Tour in English.
Meet at the Entrance to Building 3

Jerusalem Autumn Festival
Emek Hatzvaim
Oct 18-21, 9am-5pm

Derech Beit Lechem Festival
Oct 18, 5-10pm

Ein Kerem Festival
Oct 19-21
Oct 19, 10am-11pm
Oct 20, 6pm-11pm
Oct 21, 9am-2pm

Opening - "Chatzerot B'Yerushalayim"
Museum of Italian Jewry
Opening event on Oct 18 at 7pm is FREE


"HaDarom Oleh"
Festival at Tayelet Ashkelon
Oct 19-20, 6-11pm

Eshkolot offers a whole list of free activities all over the country Oct 18-20
Meeting points include: Bnei Dekalim, Moshav Carmel, and the Gas Station at the northern entrance to Eilat.
For more information and to register, call 02-626-8727

"Bedouin Happening"
Oct 18, 2-7pm
Industrial Park Idan HaNegev

Succot in the Old City
Old City of Beer Sheva
Oct 18-20, beginning at 10am
Some museums have an admission fee

If you know of other free events or activities, please leave a comment below!

Chag Sameyach - Happy Holiday - to all!

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  1. A number of רשות הטבע והגנים sites are open for free. In Peduel - המרפסת של המדינה - a 20 minute to an hour stop in the middle of the country - a fabulous lookout point. Sukka available. English tour at 11am on Tuesday.


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