Monday, April 11, 2016

Money Saving Tips: Discount tickets

We all know that "Doing Something" in Israel can cost a pretty penny. Especially for any families or groups that have a significant number of people (i.e. more than three, usually).

So I thought you should know that sometimes there are ways to save, even if you can't always get free admission (see this year's list of Free Attractions here!)

Here are some tips I've found.

1. Check Groupon and other discounters for special deals

2. Check your destination's website for printable coupons

3. Check if advance purchase will save you money
(Hint: It will at Madatech in Haifa!)

4. Use apps like Cuponofesh to get access to coupons on the go!

5. Get a discount membership to the National Parks (usually worth it if you will visit more than 3 parks in one year, in some cases maybe fewer)

(Some old photos of "doing things")

Good luck finding deals - let us know if you found any great ones! 
Have fun on your outings!

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