Thursday, April 7, 2016

TWO recent food recalls (Israel)

The following items are being recalled from store shelves. Please check your pantry to see if you have them:

1. Maimon Spices (brand) chili pepper flakes - 80 gram bottles

Barcode 7290010002214, use by date 01-2017 with production code 122629, marked Kosher for Passover (for this year).

Consumers who have purchased this product should NOT use it, as it contains elevated levels of Aflatoxins, and is dangerous to consume. Please contact the manufacturer at 1-700-071-071 to arrange for a refund/replacement.


2. Meron Springs is recalling a number of 1.5 liter bottles of Mineral Water. Due to a malfunction at the plant, foreign materials and mold may be present in the water. This affects production dates 22.12.15 (expiration date 22.12.16) and 2.11.15 (expiration date 2.12.16). Consumers with these products in their possession should call the company at 077-200-8695 to arrange to receive a replacement.

Please help spread the word so anyone who has these products finds out about these recalls!

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