Sunday, November 8, 2015

Snap In - Money Saving Tip

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Saving money on groceries is a REALLY popular topic. It seems like some expenses are just too "fixed" to try to reduce (It's really hard to reduce a mortgage payment one month!), but groceries are somewhat flexible for most people. While you can occasionally  find coupons for groceries in Israel (go ahead, click and see if there are any you can use!), I find they are not nearly as common as they were when I lived in America, and they are definitely not as "high value".

In order to stretch my grocery budget a little bit further, I use Snap In in addition to the few coupons I find, the sug bet rack, and searching for discounts and deals (and of course, cooking from scratch!).

As I've explained previously, Snap In is a rebate program. You buy a product, scan your receipt, and Snap In will give you a rebate. (They credit your account and then send you a payment when you accrue 100 shekels in credit.)

So far, I'm happy with Snap In. They pay directly into my bank account, and they're very user friendly. If ever there's a question about a rebate, they are quite responsive.

I find the best way to use their program is to take them up on "Free Offers" (who doesn't like free food?) and also use their rebates to help decide which brand to buy. So, if a particular product will give me a 5 shekel rebate via Snap In, but its competitor is 1 shekel less, I may decide to buy the one that comes out cheaper after rebate. This is only good if you actually can afford to wait for the rebate, obviously. Each person will have to make that decision for him/herself (I know it's not always feasible - I've been there!).

Here's a sample of the current rebate offers you can take advantage of once you join SnapIn:

Reduced Lactose Milk - 15% rebate
Vanilla flavored milk (single serve) - 40% rebate (one of my kids thinks this is a really awesome treat!)
Goats' Milk - 25% rebate
Yoplait Whipped "Shtuzim" - 2 containers FREE
Karlo pudding - 10% rebate
Chocolate milk - in all sizes - 25% rebate
Yoplait Yogurt - single serve containers - Buy 9, Get the 10th FREE
Spreadable "Bulgarit" Cheese - 50% rebate
"HaShef HaLavan" products - 20% rebate
Yolo - one container FREE

Carbonated Iced Tea Drinks - 50% rebate

Advance Plus Formula - 10% rebate

More rebates are lised on SnapIn's website, and they do change from time to time.
If you haven't tried it out, give it a try! If you've signed up already but haven't yet tried uploading a receipt, go ahead and give it a try! It's really not hard and you may find yourself getting rebates!

Note: upload your receipts as soon as possible, and definitely within the 30 day limit.

Let me know if you use SnapIn, I'd love to hear what you think!

UPDATE: I recently started using Snap.In's mobile app, and it REALLY makes getting rebates as easy as snapping a picture! It takes me almost no time at all, and I've gotten a couple of hundred shekels from them since I joined! What are you waiting for? Join today!

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