Friday, November 6, 2015

New Bus Fare Discounts Coming

Beginning December 1, 2015,  more people will be eligible for bus fare discounts.

The new discounts are (in addition to those previously in place):

FREE transportation for the following groups (with the exception of lines to Eilat):

Soldiers in "Shalat"
Participants in Pre-Army Preparation Programs ("Mechinot")
Volunteers in One-Year Service programs ("Shnat Sherut")
Blind People
Baby Strollers (even when open, at all times of the day)

50% Discount for:

Assistant to a Disabled Person
Teens 18 and under on ALL bus lines

33% Discount on ALL bus and train lines for:

People who carry a Disability Card
People who receive Income Support and other Support from National Insurance 

In addition, public transportation costs in general are coming down!

Combined bus-rail Monthly Passes will cost at least 28% (and up to 42%) less than they do currently
Commuter lines from Tel Aviv to Netanya, Rechovot, and Rishon L'Tzion will all see drastic discounts in the price of monthly passes

Other discounts are expected to phased in over time. 

Many people will save a whole lot of money!
What will YOU do with your savings (if any of these discounts apply to you)?


  1. Is that teens 18 and under, or only under 18? Makes a big difference to me.

  2. Hi Miriam, The article I got my information from says:
    בני נוער בגיל 18 ומטה יזכו להנחה בגובה 50% בכל קווי התחבורה הציבורית במקום רק בתחבורה עירונית ואזורית -- looks like 18 and under. Of course, they could be wrong. I will try to clarify on Sunday when I can call misrad hatachbura.

  3. Do you know why? Not that I'm not grateful - just curious!


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