Thursday, October 22, 2015

Some shopping thoughts

When someone offers to bring something from the USA for me, I have to think VERY carefully before making requests. Luggage space has become so precious that I really don't want to waste the opportunity on something that won't feel is significant!

I currently define significant (for this purpose) as: 1. A noticeable savings on something relatively expensive, and 2. Things that are very difficult to find here or not available at all.

As I'm organizing my thoughts for the latest person who's offered to transport stuff, I decide to write a list of items I think are worthwhile bringing over from America. This is a pretty long list, and I'm REALLY trying to keep it short, but even so, it is obvious that this list cannot be gotten all at once. Thankfully, I don't need everything on the list every time someone comes!

List 1 (Noticeable savings on expensive items):

Shoes for everyone in the family (I love finding deals on 6pm!)
Lego sets/pieces
Baby Gifts
Vanilla Beans
Maple Syrup from Costco
Athletic Equipment
Small electronics and accessories
Sunscreen (usually we get the generic ones from Target)

List 2 (Hard to find in Israel):

Lactaid pills (preferably Ultra-Lactaid) ge
Benadryl tablets, liquid, and cream
Odor Eaters products
Roach and Ant Control Products
Good food containers - disposable type
Good food containers - thermos type
Cayenne Pepper
Good Raisins
Canned Salmon
Ziploc bags 

I've left a bunch of things off this list that I DO find are cheaper in America, but I can easily order them from online stores like iHerb or Vitacost or Better World Books so I don't need to use valuable luggage space for them. You can see my iHerb list in my post dedicated to that! I also left off some really heavy or bulky items that ideally I would get, but their size or weight makes it impractical.

So now that you know what I'm mulling over, I will let you chime in with your ideas -- and I'm going back to trying to really hone in on the most important parts of this list! (I am definitely ordering shoes for nearly everyone!) Please leave a comment below with your favorite items to buy abroad!

And since this time, the offer is to bring a whole piece of luggage over for us (at no extra cost, how awesome is that?!), I've got my handy 1 lb duffel bag waiting for them!

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  1. 1. I often find 2 fresh vanilla beans for 10 shekels at Nitzat Haduvdevan. Not sure how much they cost in the US, but this seems pretty cheap. Also is a lot cheaper to make your own extract than buy either the real or fake stuff here or in the US.
    2. I find excellent ziploc bags - Diamond brand - at Rami Levi (small and large), along with great raisins.
    3. I substitute "pilpel charif" for cayenne pepper and nobody complains.

    1. I bought vanilla beans for about 2 shekels apiece (to make my own extract with) and had them brought over (they are not heavy at all, even a large package).
      I think the ziploc bags is dependent on the area you live in. My area is not exactly an area with "everything"! Glad to hear you found some you're happy with (I like my stash of no-name brand bags)

  2. Vanilla beans in the shuk where I live are 8 NIS ea. Also, IKEAs ziploc bags are brilliant!

    1. But I got vanilla beans in America for about 2 shekels apiece. And who ever travels to Ikea (2 hrs in each direction)?!?


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