Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Frugal Breakfast Ideas

I don't know about you, but with no holidays this month, I feel like it's time to get the budget in order. We want to make sure we're not overspending on food or other necessities, so I'm evaluating what we've been eating.

Really, we're doing ok considering there are 6 of us who rely on what's in the house for nearly every meal we eat. But lately - due to circumstances I felt were beyond my control - there's been a lot of cereal for breakfast.

So it's time to start encouraging everyone to find alternatives to cereal.

Here are some of my frugal, yet healthy-ish breakfast options I'll be offering my family

Oatmeal - I like to add things like tahini or peanut butter, and dried fruit and spices to it 
(Rolled oats and quick-cooking rolled oats are really inexpensive here, I get them for 4 shekels for 500g from Nizat HaDuvdevan. When we all eat oatmeal a few times a week, we use about 500g per week)

Muffins/Breakfast breads (made the day before or from the freezer)

Fruit and Leben (leben is on the price controlled list, and can cost as little as 1.44 per container, be sure to check it out!)

Leftovers from the day before (I've even eaten lentil soup for breakfast, I know that sounds pretty unconventional, but who needs to be conventional?! My daughter likes to eat polenta for breakfast sometimes!), or salad, can work as well!

Some people like to make things like pancakes, but I am not a big fan of cooking before I've had my coffee. But pancakes can be very inexpensive too. Since I have been known to serve eggs for supper or lunch, I'm not usually looking to make them a breakfast option, but at 1 shekel per egg, they can be part of an inexpensive breakfast.

Speaking of coffee, I am addicted to coffee, and if you are looking for some EXCELLENT, small batch freshly roasted coffee, please check out Zeh Cafe! I've even got a coupon code for you! They make some really great coffee!

What are your favorite, inexpensive breakfast options for busy mornings? I'd love to hear!

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