Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sug Bet Rack Today

Today, as I walked past the makolet, I decided to check the sug bet rack again. The last week or so it has not been so great, and today i was greeted by truly rotten pumpkins and eggplants (such overwhelmingly rotten pumpkins, I nearly left). 

But I decided to look further, and here is what I found that was worthwhile for me!
I skipped the turnips, my family will NOT touch them (I don't really blame them).

But here's what I got for 11.60NIS:

kishuim (summer squash)
white cabbage
purple cabbage
an interesting looking citrus fruit
1 bunch of herbs (looks like parsley)

These sug bet rack purchases are really hit or miss! So glad today was a hit!
Please share your favorite finds!

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