Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pre-Fast Menu

Here's what we're having for our pre-fast meal!
I always have a huge debate about what to serve for the pre-fast meal. This year we're going with Shabbat food because Yom Kippur falls on Shabbat.

Whole Wheat Challah Rolls
Split Pea Soup
Chicken (not sure what kind, seems likely it will be whatever I find in the freezer )
Steamed Broccoli (found a bag of broccoli in the back of the freezer, may as well use it!)

For our post-fast meal, we'll be a little less formal.

We'll start with some juice and fruit, maybe the honey cake.
Then we'll have the leftover soup, and if anyone wants a sandwich or some pasta, that will be available too.

Wishing everyone an easy fast, and a gmar chatimah tovah.

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  1. Pretty much the same as us - but definitely no pea soup in my house... we have left over chicken, I will make rice and veg and a salad. I also made scalloped potatoes - some for tomorrow and some for the freezer


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