Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Belated Menu for the Week!

I forgot to post my menu plan for the week, which really means I never got around to planning it.

BIG oops.

So better late than never, I decided to make a plan - so I don't find myself staring at the fridge at 6 pm one day thinking it would be so much easier to order a pizza...

I've checked what we have in the house, and will be using that, which means almost no bread, as I'm almost out of flour (I have enough for one batch of pizza)...

So here goes:

Sunday: lunch - Burgul, red lentil soup (served together for the adventurous, separately for the not), carrots, cucumbers
supper: whatever was left over from Shabbat, vegetable soup

Monday: lunch: muffins from the freezer, vegetable soup mixed with red lentil soup, green beans, carrot sticks, any random items I found in the fridge to use up
supper: Minestrone soup (pasta-less), baked ziti, salad

Tuesday: lunch: Baked potatoes with cheese, Homemade Corn Chips with black bean dip (corn chip recipe coming soon!), cucumbers and peppers
supper: Minestrone Soup, casserole from the freezer, make your own salad

Wednesday: lunch: any leftovers from other meals
supper: split pea soup, homemade pizza (filling soup - maybe I won't have to make so much pizza?), homemade french fries and sweet potato fries (baked, not fried, actually)

Thursday: lunch - split pea soup, rice, roasted vegetables
supper: macaroni and cheese,  roasted vegetables

And I think that will do it! We'll be out all day Friday so we'll have to wing it...

Have a great week!

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