Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Good news about supermarket gift cards!

Do you ever get gift cards for the supermarket?

You know, the annoying kind that say they are for 100 shekels, and then you go to the store and discover they are only worth 90 shekels, unless you shop at the most expensive stores of that chain (like Shufersal Sheli, or Mega Ba'Ir)? This has really annoyed me, any time I've had the pleasure of receiving a gift card! It was the kind of thing that really, really reduced the pleasure of the gift, sadly.

Well... that will be a thing of the past, it seems! 

Globes reported that the Knesset passed a law that requires all stores to honor gift cards at their face value. No more small print saying it's only worth 90% of the face value!

I only rarely find myself in receipt of gift cards, but I'm sure this is good news for lots of you!

Please let me know if this will make a difference for you!

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  1. great news! i actually just got two of them from Sano for a defective roll of saran wrap, for 10nis each. Each certificate says in small print which stores will only give 9nis - i hope i get the full amount now :) 2nis is 2nis!


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