Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Book shopping time

I truly love books. I love old books, and new books. I have books in my house that I have read over and over again...

But I always need more. Or my kids need more...

Lately, our local second hand shop has been selling most of their used books for just 10 shekel, but it's really hit or miss. I'll find a really wonderful kids' book, but it will be practically falling apart. Or there are a bunch of novels in English, but nothing that I would find myself reading...

In comes the internet.

And Better World Books - they have a great promo right now! Buy 4 or more used books and get 20% off (if shipped within the US) or 15% off if shipped internationally. Free worldwide shipping!
Hurry - sale ends SOON!


  1. Took a look at their prices and found them expensive. I prefer Also with free shipping worldwide and usually you can find a 10% discount voucher online

    1. Nicole,
      It really depends on the books you are looking for!
      I've had some great luck with better world books!


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