Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Deep discounts!

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Rosh Hashana is around the corner, and in Israel that means every store is trying to get you to spend your shekels with them! So sales are everywhere!

You all know that I'm not a fan of just buying things for the sake of buying things - I've been really trying to only buy things we actively decide make sense to buy - that means NO impulse shopping!

And that means that when I do decide I need something, it's usually time to shop around and find the best quality I can afford for the best price I can find.

Ok so with that explanation out there, I just want to let you know about one of the awesome sales I found: you can get a whole lot of Soltam kitchen items for DEEP discounts AND free shipping. That's definitely one of my favorite kinds of sales - the kind where I don't have to do the heavy lifting. 

Check out this sale HERE  

screenshot of some of the sale items

The screenshot you see here is nowhere near all the items on sale! There are just SO many things for your kitchen with free shipping right now! Definitely time to buy if you were missing something.

One of my favorites in the selection is this pizza stone set. Check it out!

I'm a big fan of only buying things when there's a sale. I really don't recommend paying full price if you don't have to. It's just really no fun to watch the shekels flow right out of my bank account, ya know?

Do you need a particular item? I'd love to help you find it! Just join my shopping group on Facebook and post your request!

See you there!

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