Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Deal of the Day: Discount Cherry Picking!

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It's that time of year - when everyone suddenly starts to see red.

Red cherries, that is!

It's cherry picking time, and you can pick up a discount deal to go cherry picking during the short picking season!

Check it out - This deal gets you in to "HaBustan shel Motti" for 25 NIS, or 89 NIS for 4 people. Cherries and berries you want to take home with you will cost extra. 

Click here to go to Groo and buy this deal! 


There's also this deal for 19.90 per person on weekdays (not valid Fridays, Shabbat, or Shavuot) in El-Rom

Click here to go to Groo and buy this deal!


And another one - this one is in Odem, for 19.90 per person, or a ticket for 4 people for 74.90 per person, or a ticket for 10 people (!!) for 189 NIS!

Click here to go to Groo and buy this deal!

BUT, honestly, I have NO idea how these places are handling shmitta. Please call ahead and ask if that is something you're wondering about.

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