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You asked, so here it is - places to stay when you visit the north!

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I get asked ALL the time about places to stay when you're visiting the north of Israel. So I'll share some places I know about today!

Please note: If you are Israeli, you will likely be asked to pay for VAT on your stay at check-in if you book using these links - it's not a scam, just be aware!

In Katzrin:

Zimmer Maayan 

Maydele's House (large villa)

I have a more comprehensive list HERE

In Tzfat:

Artist Quarter Guest House 

The Way Inn 

Ruth Rimonim Hotel 

Artist Colony Inn 

Romano Boutique Hotel (has rooms suitable for families)

Myrtle the Turtle Guesthouse

Bayit BaGalil Boutique Hotel 

EretZefat (more on the budget side than some of the others) 

These are a selection of my favorite hotels/zimmers in Tzfat. Hope you find one that works for you!

In the Galil:

Niflaot HaGalil Cabins. This place was AWESOME when we went for a short off-season getaway. Private cabins with great amenities, including private jacuzzis if you want. There's a shared large jacuzzi, sauna, pool, kitchen, outdoor BBQ/picnic area, and lots of trees and green and QUIET. Take advantage of all of it! (We cooked some food in the shared kitchen - double wrapped in the oven - instead of going out to a restaurant)

While you're in Tzfat, make sure to go to the Safed Puzzle Room - Tzfat's one and only escape room experience! Available in Hebrew or English, for groups large AND small. Reservations are required.

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