Wednesday, February 16, 2022


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I am so excited that my friend Rebekah offered me the opportunity to bring you an exclusive discount on her "Painless Pesach" course

The course sounds like an AMAZING way to get ready for Pesach while keeping your stress to a minimum! It's a steal at the regular price of $36, but a $5 discount makes it even better! (Find the code below!)

Here's the thing -- it's no secret that if you don’t plan for Pesach, you won’t enjoy it. You’ll arrive at the Seder feeling exhausted, disorganized and guilty about what you didn’t get done. Save yourself the stress by joining Painless Pesach. It’s a 36-day challenge run by a professional organizer who gives daily prompts for decluttering your entire home before the Seder.

Even if you aren’t making Pesach this year, the challenge will still help you curate your best collection of objects and get you well on your journey to organization!

How does it work? The prompts are videos that arrive in your inbox in the morning and take 15-30 minutes per day. There’s also live support via WhatsApp and Facebook, and a workbook so you can track your process. Access to professional help for under $1 a day is unheard of! So don't miss out!

You have a few more weeks to join - the course starts March 6. And if you sign up by February 28th using my link and coupon code KOSHER5, you'll get $5 off!

The challenge covers the entire house: 

  • The master bedroom 

  • Living room 

  • Kids and hobby areas 

  • Odds and ends 

  • The kitchen 

It sounds amazing!

Click HERE to register, and don't forget to use my exclusive discount code (KOSHER5) for $5 off!

 This way we can all be ready for Pesach without all the stress!

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