Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Great GROO deals with FREE shipping!

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So Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, but we can still find some great deals that ship locally! I like combing through GROO's deals to find the best ones. Especially those with free shipping

These update from time to time, though, so no guarantees they'll last.

So here are some of my favorites right now: 

100 coffee capsules for 100 NIS 

4 pillows for 69.90 NIS 

Home Covid-19 Test Kits (you can get them in bulk for about 25 NIS each or less!)

Power Bank (49/59 NIS)

Easy-install window screens for 49.90 but you can buy in bulk and pay less per piece!

Another style of easy to install screens (3 pack for 59 NIS)

Carter's infant pajamas (59 NIS. or 2 for 99 NIS - the two-fer deal comes with a gift of diapers)

If you are in the USA and buying a gift for someone in Israel, please be aware that GROO allows you to pay using PayPal! However, you do have to open an account with them and that seems to require an Israeli ID number. If you've managed using a passport or other ID number, please let me know! 

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