Friday, September 10, 2021

The Best of Groo's Free Shipping Deals!

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Groo's added a lot of deals to their free shipping category, so I had to check it out! Here are some of the best deals - let me know if you found another "best"! 

Did you know that Groo takes Paypal if you don't have an Israeli credit card? (Well, now you know!)

Finish brand dishwasher gel: I buy the eco-friendly version all the time, and when there's free shipping it's the perfect time to stock up: 99.90 NIS (for 3 bottles)

Introductory subscription to National Geographic Kids+ (in Hebrew) including a Tishrei craft kit: 10.90 NIS

National Geographic Kids "Fun Stuff" activity book in English: 29.90 NIS

Eco-friendly "Camp & Go" dishes and utensils, made of BPA-free composite materials. Time to dis the disposables - and these are perfect for picky eaters who like to keep their food separate. I know someone I need to buy this for! :-): 48 or 98 NIS

Power bank for on-the-go charging: 49 or 59 NIS

Sanitizing cleaning products: 6 bottles for 55.90 (choose which types of cleaners go in your box)

Sanitizing wipes - box of 18 resealable packages: 99.90

Bedside table on wheels: 149 NIS

1000W Kenwood mixer with 5L bowl: 1199 NIS

That's all I've got time for today! But look out for more next week!

Happy deal-hunting!

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