Monday, March 29, 2021

Pesach Fun - with DISCOUNTS!

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It's vacation time and we have a couple of days ahead of us with time to DO stuff. And of course, it's always best to do stuff without paying full price! So I'm here to share some great deals for your enjoyment! 

Pick Fruits and Vegetables ("U-Pick"):

Pick farm fresh vegetables! The second option includes about 3.5 kg of veggies to take home:

Here's a deal for HaTut V'HaPerach in Ramat HaShavim - this deal includes 1 kg of strawberries that you picked for you to take home! This is a limited time offer, so grab it today!

Here's one for Tutland in Hod Hasharon, the family deal is the best deal for Chol HaMoed, and it includes 2 kg of strawberries to take home. Note: the first option (29.90) is not valid for Pesach.

More U-Pick Deals:
Tut Sadeh in Kadima (the second option includes 1/2 kg of strawberries to take home)
Meshek HaKochavim in Burgata (pick strawberries and a variety of vegetables)


Technoda in Hadera has a discount ticket option right now! Be sure to reserve your slot. You CANNOT "just show up".

Jungle Park, Modiin - discount family tickets are the best deal! You must reserve a day and time.

Zoos & Outdoor Fun:

Chai Kef in Rishon (38% off the regular price!). You must reserve a day and time:

Haifa Zoo is open this Chol Hamoed, and here's a deal for over 20% off:

This deal for 89.90 will get you into all the fun at Indie Park in Yesod HaMaaleh!

Rob Roy Park, including a show, u-pick, and more, with an incredible discount price!

Check out fun for the 2-10 year old set in Tel Aviv, with this deal for the kids' fun zone on the roof of Azrieli (you must book a time slot)! 

Let me know which deal you like best!

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