Friday, October 30, 2020

iHerb News for Israeli Shoppers

This post contains my iHerb referral link. You'll save money using it (even existing customers), and I may be compensated by iHerb. It won't cost you extra - but it WILL save you money!

I love to share iHerb deals whenever I hear about them, and right now I wanted to make sure you all know that the FREE Boxit locker/store pickup delivery option is BACK! 
Remember when I posted earlier this month, and I had gotten Free Boxit Home Delivery, but so many people wrote to me that that option was not available for them. I think it was only available in certain areas, and I, for once, lucked out.

Anyhow - now everyone can order again, with a Boxit pick up spot. Just note that the limitations are: your order must total $60 or more, and weigh a maximum of 5 kg (11 lbs).

Whether I get home delivery, or store pickup delivery, my iHerb orders have been coming really quickly, despite my location in the boondocks, closer to Damascus than Tel Aviv...

I've been consistently impressed with their service during the pandemic. I've been filling in some of the things I was not able to get in my regular grocery or pharmacy delivery orders, or simply things that turned out to be less expensive from iHerb. I order things like fragrance free laundry detergent, french roast coffee, and eco-friendly dishwasher detergent. This time I'm making sure to order some elderberry and zinc - I like to keep those on hand for winter colds.

If you use any of the links in this post, or manually enter the code QEJ101 to your cart, and you'll get at least 5% off your order right now.

More PRO tips for shopping at iHerb:

If you use Shipping Savers, you can get really affordable shipping, even if you choose a home delivery method(I really like home delivery, and sometimes it's as low as $2!)

You can sort for Shipping Savers on iHerb by clicking the Shipping Saver checkbox on the left-hand side of the page. Check out my Shipping Saver suggestions, too - click the link for some, read below for others!
Here are some of the things I like to buy at iHerb:

Toothbrushes - this 2 pack includes brush covers AND a small roll of floss, and is less than 10 NIS. That means less than 5 NIS for each brush plus cover and some floss! Try beating that price locally! BONUS: this is a shipping saver item, so your shipping cost will GO DOWN when you add it to your cart! Pretty Amazing deal right there!

Neosporin and Neosporin with Pain Relief - you can't get these over the counter in Israel! And this is one of the only ways to get neosporin here! It's a bit pricey, but it's a shipping saver, so it should offset some of your shipping!

SilverGel - similar products, that are great healing creams for skin, are all Rx only in Israel, and are about the same price or more. If you want to keep a silver based cream handy without needing to prove to your doctor that you need it, stock up at iHerb! AND this product is a shipping saver!

Mederma - this scar reducing cream is widely used in the USA, and is not available, as far as I know in Israel! So ordering from iHerb is a great option. Bonus: it's a shipping saver!
Palm Oil this eco-friendly version is not available in Israel at all, and is perfect for making frosting or vegan fudge.

Magnesium Tablets these and many other supplements are quite pricey in Israel.

Stash Teas I buy these when they are on sale, as the sale price comes out to less than the lowest price I can find herbal teas for locally.

Vitamin D so many people are deficient, it turns out! And my doctor prescribed a rather high dose, and the only stuff the pharmacist offered me is very low dose and much more expensive.

Probiotics are far less expensive from iHerb than any I've found in Israel, and they don't weigh much! Many of these are "shipping savers" - so they'll lower your shipping costs for the whole order if you add them in!

Ricola throat drops these work out to be only slightly less expensive than the local price, so I use them as a "filler" product, never as my "reason for buying", but once I'm ordering, if there's room to add something - why not?

Witch Hazel it's really difficult to find witch hazel products locally, and if you love witch hazel, you'll be thrilled with iherb's price. This one is a toner with alcohol in it - some people like the alcohol in it, but if you don't, they also have plenty of no-alcohol witch hazel products 
that are great for other uses besides toner.

Essential Oils (I use them in homemade cleaners) - for a fraction of the price here in Israel! Yes, they are real and natural (and very importantly, not an MLM)!

Soy-free Teriyaki Sauce (for my soy allergic child) - this is next to impossible to get in Israel!

I also regularly check the Specials Page to see if products I use are on sale and work out to a better deal thru iHerb during a sale, and I also occasionally will order a hard-to-find spice.

Let me know what your favorite deals are!

Don't get surprised by import taxes! If you're ordering items from overseas, be sure to familiarize yourself with the most recent personal import regulations!

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