Monday, August 17, 2020

Discount Tickets for End of Summer Fun!

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End of Summer Discount Admission

Here are some great deals for all the summer fun you need!

NOTE: I recommend calling before you go to be sure you'll be allowed in, all of these places are operating with restrictions right now.


  • Indie Park admission tickets - 86 NIS for one, or a 4-person pass for 336 NIS. These tickets get you everything the park has to offer (except the extra insurance for bringing a toddler on a boat, I believe)!

  • Herzl Museum - Discount tix - kids' tickets for 19 NIS, and adult tickets for 24 NIS 


  • Discount admission to the Extreme Park in Acco - be aware that there are 3 categories of tickets - adult companion ticket (admission only, no climbing, etc), adult (age 18+) admission, and child (younger than 18) admission, with 3 different prices. Buy the combination you'll need! Sun - Thurs, admission is for the whole day. Fridays you will be given a 3 hour time limit.

Click here to buy this deal! Have fun climbing and bungee jumping!

  • Israeli Children's Museum in Holon - get 21% off the regular price. Be aware that this museum has scheduled activities for certain age groups, and for most of them an adult accompaniment is required. Children who are not in the specified age group (including babies) will not be allowed in. So plan your visit carefully, and you'll have fun!

  • Fishing in Maayan Zvi - single admission for 44 NIS (regular price is 55 NIS), or choose a family ticket for 179 NIS (regular price is 260 NIS)

And if you prefer to stay home, check out the fun and challenging online, play-at-home, Israel themed escape room games available from our partners, Bagels & Locks Studios! Real fun for all, available in your own living room whenever you want. And totally affordable, too!

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