Thursday, November 21, 2019

Toys - Amazon Deals for Israelis!

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Toys seem to be the talk of the town, which makes sense with Chanukah coming, lots of sales, and free shipping deals! 

Here are my hand-picked deals - if you're looking for something else, please let me know and I'll see if I can track down a deal for you! I'll do my best to post more toys soon!

Magnetic Tiles for $14.99 (qualify for free shipping with a qualifying $49 order)

Building bricks set (compatible with Lego) - get 1000 pieces for $30.99 (free shipping with a qualifying $49 order)! This set has AMAZING reviews and multiple buyer testimonials that they actually work with original Lego pieces!

Here's a great quality Melissa & Doug Baby Doll for $19.99 (free shipping with a qualifying $49 order)!

The "Frozen" craze is not over! If you have a kid looking for an Elsa doll, this is for you - an Elsa Frozen 2 doll for $11.99 (free shipping with a qualifying $49 order)!

Are you looking for other products? Drop me a note and I'll try to do a round up of products for you!

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