Monday, November 5, 2018's ebay Deal of the Day!

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Still trying to rein in your spending, but not sure how to do it?

I'm begun posting ebay deals here, and plan to continue on a regular basis, that will help bring costs down.

Today's deal is PERFECT for everyone! 

We all need to buy basic hygiene products, right? Unfortunately, they can be pricey here in Israel. Sometimes I find great deals in stores, but ebay still usually beats them! Dental floss is usually 20 shekels and up per 50m package, for example...

So I decided to ebay them - you've got to see this!

Check out the screenshot on the left here - you can find this listing at -- I found 6 packages of Oral-B dental floss for approx 60 nis (including shipping)!

I also found a no-name dental floss, that you can buy one at a time, for under 3.50 nis (and there's free shipping)! You can see this listing here:  So, if you're not brand loyal (and I am NOT brand loyal about much), this is a really great deal!

So, go ahead, save money on basics by ebaying them! 

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Happy savings!

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