Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Surviving Summer (Stinky Shoes Edition)

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Let's just put it all out there - this post is about a problem that often doesn't get discussed:

Stinky Shoes.

I know it's not a very widely discussed topic. In fact, it seems most people really don't like to admit publicly that someone in their household may have this problem! But many of us have a family member (or several) who leave us all wondering what on earth are we supposed to do with those stinky shoes?!?

Lets' face it, this problem can happen anywhere in the world, but here in Israel, where it's SOO hot, it can be rather intense, you know? It may be one of those unspoken truths about making Aliyah... And today, we are going to end the silence about it and face it head on.

Personally, I have been SEARCHING for a long time for the solution to the stinky shoes problem.

We toss shoes in the washing machine fairly regularly, which is very helpful.
We buy odor eaters, also helpful.
Shower daily, very important...

But we still didn't conquer the problem, and we needed another something to complete the solution. You know, something that would allow us to keep shoes in the house even if we couldn't wash them!

Without this something, the smell can get a little ... overpowering. And I don't love sticking shoes outside overnight, for a bunch of reasons.



(incredibly inconvenient)

(shoes still stink in the morning)

I decided there must be a simple solution that did not involve messy powders or sticking antibiotic-laced insoles into every pair of shoes. So I began the hunt. It involved checking out many stores - physical ones and online ones. Months of searching on and off...

Finally I found a product that really delivered. These awesome activated charcoal bags that you can put inside the stinky shoes as soon as they are off the stinky feet! And they tame them. For real.

Click the link above to go to the product listing on Aliexpress
This product has saved my house, seriously!!

(Those stinky feet still need a shower, but you expected that, didn't you?)

And now you know the secret to taming stinky shoes. 

Oh, and I am so happy to tell you that my order arrived in under 2 weeks!

Hope this helps someone else out there!

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