Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Kindle Sale!

I love having Kindles.
 My reading-all-the-time-son loves having a Kindle.
My other son loves having a Kindle.
We really love reading and Kindle has changed our lives...
And right now Kindles are on sale for $20 off!

And I've even downloaded the Kindle e-reader to several other devices that are not Kindles.

Amazon.com - Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices

You see, I pretty much stalk the Kindle store for books that I think I'll like, or that I think my kids will like, or that are relevant to our current learning projects (right now we are focused on art and dance, can you tell it's just the girls at home right now?)... and I snatch things when they are on sale or free.
You can also access library collections with your US library card. (Not that I've ever been able to do it, but I have friends who do, so I KNOW it is possible!)

So, I highly recommend downloading the Kindle app for your tablet or pc or possibly even your phone, and get tons of reading material.

Unless you aren't a book junkie. I AM a book junkie.

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