Friday, April 25, 2014


I had cooking overload on Pesach, so today I am trying to make a super simple Shabbat menu.

Here's the plan:

I have an abundance of peppers!
Homemade Challot
Soup of some sort (thinking of roasted peppers and red lentil soup?)
Oven-fried chicken
Brown Rice
Pan fried tofu for the vegetarian
Roasted Kishuim
Garlicky Roasted Potatoes
Salad - lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, pickles, olives - whatever I can find!
Black Bean Cholent (even though it's hot)
For dessert, we'll have chocolate chip cookies and fresh peaches

Suedah Shlishit will be random sandwich fixings and more salad and an apple crisp

If I work quickly in the late afternoon, I can get most of this food into the oven at the same time an hour before Shabbat and all will be fresh and ready for meal tonight...

What's your Shabbat plan? I'd love to hear!


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