Wednesday, April 23, 2014

More Post-Pesach Wrap-Up

Things I learned about Pesach shopping:

I bought too much potato starch and shredded coconut and chocolate and chocolate chips.
See, I had visions of making TONS of baking experiments and turning my kitchen into Pesach Pastry Central, BUT two things got in my way - life, and a lack of flaxseed. I did not check enough flaxseeds to fuel all my eggless baking experiments!

So for next year, I plan to check a whole lot more flaxseed. And perhaps buy a little less chocolate and potato starch and coconut. Or not.

And next year, I'm going to kasher the little kitchen long before the big kitchen, and get pesach baking and cooking underway very early! 

I'm just warning you now.
Or asking you to remind me to change my little kitchen over a week after Purim...


  1. I have a drawer in my big freezer reserved for potato starch, matza meal, spices, teas and artificial sweeteners (no flames please). I keep a detailed record of what I bought, and I menu EVERYTHING ahead of time. Still, unexpected childrens' absences, my being sick, and an invitation to go away for Shevi'i resulted in leftover eggs. We have LOTS of eggs in the fridge now. I also hoped to bake more, but chocolate chips will be used during the year. I think probably I overbought on tomatoes and cukes too, but at least the tomatoes were green, so they are still good. I think otherwise I did just fine on the perishables. We also had too much matza, but that doesn't spoil and oldest son likes it for seudah shlishit.
    Finally, even when I record everything and keep notes, I see that people's tastes change. Also, as my kids get older they are around less. So my notes are not always helpful...
    The most important thing for me is to plan all the meals in advance. What this means is, we really eat the same things every Pesach. I haven't heard anyone complain yet...

    1. Sounds good! I find that I don't like to eat the same thing every pesach - since my cooking varies so much depending upon which produce is in season and inexpensive. So while last year we ate a lot of artichokes, this year we were on kohlrabi overload, for example.


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