Monday, September 9, 2013

Menu Plan for the week

If I don't plan some menus immediately, we will have nothing to eat!
I'll easily get overwhelmed by all the tasks I have to take care of, our new schedule, which includes chugim (special activities) at supper time nearly every evening, etc...

So... no promises that I'll completely stick to this plan, but it's better to have a plan than NOT to have a plan.

I'll start with Monday this week, since it's already Monday!

OH... and I'm only planning supper. Not sure what we'll be doing about lunches, but at least we'll have a supper plan.

(Can you tell I'm still feeling a little topsy-turvey from the move?)

Monday: Tomato soup with rice, fresh rolls, salad

Tuesday: Pancakes, scrambled eggs, salad, yogurt

Wednesday: Lentil patties served on rolls, oven-fries, salad

Thursday: Pea Soup (not split pea soup), Roasted Carrots, Some sort of Casserole

Here's hoping  we can get back into some sort of daily and weekly rhythm!


  1. The menu sounds good. Is there a tomato soup recipe?

  2. Here's one: This time I added the rice (uncooked) with the onions and it cooked together with the soup!
    Thanks for asking!


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