Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Computer Gemach

This is a guest post by Shmuel Meyer. Please take a few moments to read about his wonderful computer gemach service! You can reach Shmuel at shmuel@meyer-services.com, or call him at 02-5862017. -Ester

The Computer Gemach
I have been an independent computer consultant since 1987. Over 15 years ago, I saw that my clients didn't have what to do with their used computers after they upgraded. I started to gather used systems and parts and put together working computers.

These refurbished computers are then donated to needy individuals and organizations. This includes people who are trying to get on their feet financially, sick children and various charity organizations.

The gemach (Hebrew for "acts of kindness") is just a one man operation. It is not a registered charity. That simply costs too much. I have been funding everything from my own pocket with very little help until now. 

However, I cannot continue alone. I need your help.

There is a need for what I am doing. People are always asking for help. There is no
bureaucracy here. People explain their situation and I try to help.

A side benefit is that it helps the ecology by keeping computers out of landfills.

I am seeking funds mainly to pay the rent on the small work and storage space that I use.

I am also trying to add 3 new projects to the gemach:
1) A lending library of computer books.
2) A lending library of software to learn computer related topics.
3) Lending of laptops for hospitalized people.

I have made appeals in the past. I usually get offers of a couple of computers. Sometimes the donor actual gives me the computer. But usually even that falls through...

You can find out all about my gemach on my website. Please check it out! In addition, I have created a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo. Please take a look at it and help out!

If you have any questions or need any further information, please
be in touch.

Shmuel Meyer

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