Saturday, November 3, 2012

Shoe Shopping Confessions

Back to shoes for a moment:

I spent about 100, maybe 110 shekel, on some sparkly Keds brand sneakers for my daughter a little over a month ago. There was really nothing cheaper in her size in the one shoe store in my town, and she loves sparkly, so I sprung for it. Well, they COMPLETELY FELL APART! (I should have taken a picture of them before I dumped them in the garbage, but I didn't - sorry.)

I figured that in the past, I've managed to find decent shoes on clearance racks for less, and since we were planning to be in Teverya on Friday, I promised my daughter that the first thing we'd do there would be some shoe shopping.

I decided to start at "Poza". It's a discount store on Rabbi Yehuda HaLevi St. They didn't have a lot of shoes in her size - I think either her size is super popular, so nearly everything is always sold out, or super unpopular, so they just hardly stock shoes in that size (31 EU).

Well, we lucked out in the end, and we found TWO pairs of shoes - a pair of white and silver sparkly sneakers she was so happy with (she would have preferred pink, but they only had pink in 29, 30, 32, 33, and 34), and a pair of pink mary-jane style shoes she will wear for Shabbat - they have a cute bow and she thinks they are so fancy and grown up. I didn't have the heart to tell her they look like little girl shoes. She thinks they are grown up...

And the best part? We got TWO pairs for 110 shekels this time!

And the next best part? I was able to get nearly everything on my shopping list in one place - I had been asked to look for skirts for my nieces overseas. We found some. My older son needed a sweatshirt - I couldn't find one he was happy with at the second hand shop, and he is chilly some mornings, as our house really holds in the chill. He just needed a sweatshirt! Of course, they had a range of sweatshirts - from the 30 shekel kind that look like they will fall apart in the first wash, all the way up to the 250 shekel kind made by some brand name that look like they will keep you warm even in an unheated building in the winter... I opted for a mid-weight, but still decent looking 50 shekel one... I had seen a similar one in my local shopping center, priced at 90. I justified the 50 shekels as "not so terrible" and I'm hoping it will last! Wish us luck!

Of course, they also sell things like scarves and hats and socks and slippers and bags and pajamas ... and clothing for everyone. We left the store before I was tempted to spend any more money, though...


  1. 1 - Are you going to complain/return the sparkly shoes... try an email with pictures. I once got a refund on a school bag that broke by emailing customer service at Marshalls and not having to actually return it actually all I had asked for was to return it next time I was in USA....
    2 - sweatshirts - if you want plain ones you can look in the stores that sell them for school uniform - where they print the school logo on - they usually have a great range of colours and they last a long time - for about 30 NIS and 40 NIS for a hoodie.

  2. Janice, I dumped the shoes in the garbage in Teverya as soon as she had a new pair to wear. I should have taken a picture but I didn't. I kind of figured I should have followed my gut - I have always felt keds were way too junky shoes. I have never bought a pair I was happy with. I was hoping their kids line was better. HOWEVER I must stress that mu daughter did not treat these shoes nicely. She got them covered with mud and worse on several occasions, and I had to wash them several times.
    Whatever. Lesson learned.
    About sweatshirts - this is a zipper sweatshirt with a hood. It has a bit of a lining. I felt like we got a decent deal. I just refused to buy the one with a thermal lining and super thick sweatshirt - that was 250!! Outrageous. Also, this is a men's size. The kids' and women's were cheaper than the men's...

  3. Good idea about school uniform sweatshirts Janice. How old is your daughter Ester? I bought 2 pairs of sneakers (for the price of one)for school in the July sales. As my 31/2yo was wearing 27 last year and her summer sandals were 28, I bought 29 for September (and the whole year I hope)and 30 for next year (Gan hova). I am hoping the warm weather stays as long as possible as the 29s are still way too big.

  4. She's almost 8. She's really tiny, though.
    And my nearly 5 yr old wears a 28!
    I sometimes stock up on shoes in advance, but it involves a lot of guesswork - what size, what season, will their tastes change...?
    At age 7 she is very picky about what she'll wear. The fancier, the better though. My little princess...

    And like I said about the sweatshirt, locally, the store that is selling school sweatshirts had similar ones (zipper/hoodie) for about 90. My town can be expensive, but so is traveling! I can't run around everywhere just to spend 10 shekel less!


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