Friday, July 8, 2011

Food Prices

I've been pondering ways to lower the grocery bill. The drop in cottage cheese prices is only a drop in the bucket (perhaps I don't buy as much cottage cheese as the average Israeli family), so I've been looking at other ways.
And I'll be taking on that project quite seriously once we're settled in the new house.

For now, I'll just share that I think it's interesting that an olive oil company is petitioning the government to lower the regulated price of olive oil! (Without pressure from consumers, as far as I know -  I haven't heard of an olive oil boycott, have you?)
Check it out!

What's the best price you've seen lately on extra virgin olive oil? I haven't needed to buy any but I did notice Mega has some on sale for somewhere in the vicinity of 29 shekel for a 1 liter bottle (it's their store brand. I don't know if it's domestic or imported, as I didn't buy it.).

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